We’ve Had a Permanent Facelift…

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The BDP Website and Blog have changed for good!

Click on the following link to visit our new digs:  www.BeautifulDayPhotography.com

BEWARE Wedding Photographers….other photographers may be stealing your web images!!!

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It was JUST brought to my attention that PGT Photography based out of Oxford, Mississippi has stolen some of my images as well as dozens of other photographer’s images and posted them on their site as their OWN portfolio.  I want to thank the photographer that brought it to my attention and even took screenshots of this abuse, before PGT caught wind that they were discovered and quickly pulled them offline.  This is SUCH tragic abuse of a Photographer’s code of ethics, not to mention just completely fraudulent.  I feel sorry for whatever brides and grooms have mistakenly booked this photographer thinking they were getting a great deal. DO NOT HIRE THIS PHOTOGRAPHER!!!  And for those other brides and grooms out there, make sure you see slideshows, albums of work, and that you get to know your photographers and don’t rely solely on their work online.  Ask for references if you are not sure.

Kristine and Steve’s Wedding at Auberge Du Soleil in Napa Valley

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What a pleasure it was to work with the fabulous Julie Nunn-Martin with I DO! Wedding and Event Design TWICE in one week!  Auberge Du Soleil is honestly  one of the most beautiful locations in Napa Valley that I have had a chance to photograph.  The property is literally built into the side of a mountain, so I got my fair share of exercise running all over the place…but, thankfully,  I had some serious help from my friends and super talented photographers, Anais Wade and Dax Henry.  They are the reason we were able to capture the full beauty of this wedding from ALL angles:) Kristine was stunning in her Vera Wang gown and after having a gourmet, 5-course sit down meal with wine pairing, I think EVERY guest was more than ready to party down with the band all night!  I had such a blast photographing this wedding…Thanks Kristine and Steve for allowing us to be a part of your day!

To view the rest of the photos from this event, just click on this link

wedding dress


Betsy and Lawrence’s San Francisco Wedding at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square

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I think EVERYONE should experience throwing on a wedding dress and walking through Union Square on a Saturday at SOME point in their lives!  LOL, seriously, the characters that approached us and the comments, photos and attention was hilarious!  We were all still inspired from our epic engagement shoot the day before, so taking formal photos was so easy and the highlight of the day!  We had the perfect backdrop too; all of the huge San Francisco-themed Heart Statues on each corner, the Trolley Cars and especially the gorgeous Westin St. Francis…it was perfect! I loved to see them all “fancied-up” from our shoot the day before, even Barry the beagle, was in a bow tie and tuxedo shirt:)  But what made this event SO gorgeous and perfect was the flawless planning by Julie Nunn-Martin with I DO! Wedding and Event Design.  When I came upstairs and saw how she and her team transformed the Reception Suite, I was amazed!  The lighting, food, and presentation of everything was carefully thought out…and of course we rocked out to my favorite wedding band EVER, till people couldn’t stand anymore:)  All in all, it was SUCH a fun weekend!

To see the rest of the photos from this wedding, just click on this link

Betsy and Lawrence’s Golden Gate Park Engagement Shoot:)

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I recently had the pleasure of shooting Betsy and Lawrence’s Engagement Shoot in San Francisco.  The funny thing is that not only were they ALREADY married, but their second wedding was the next day, so we were kind of doing things out of order:)  I spent the entire day before running (literally) around Golden Gate Park scouting out places for their engagement shoot.  It is SO unbelievably gorgeous there and to get to spend two days there was such a treat.  They brought their beagle, Barry, with us and we just had fun and I had them rolling all through the grass and hiking all over the place.  My final shots with them (I like to refer to them as my “Twilight”inspired shots) were my favorite of the day.  I had them laying on the rocks of the waterfall and I was shooting down on them…gorgeous!

To see the rest of the photos from this shoot, just check out the last folder of their wedding photos by clicking on this link

CNBC Anchor, Nicole Lapin, at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

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This HAS to be my most favorite Nicole Lapin shoot yet!  Partially, because I am completely obsessed with shooting at the Viceroy Hotel, but also because the lighting and outfits just seemed to flow perfectly for this shoot.  But what is a Nicole Lapin shoot without some sort of mini catastrophe happening?  Last time, I made her frolic through the leaves in Franklin Park, not realizing it was really poison oak! This time not only did Nicole forget her shoes, my camera battery died halfway through the shoot (Luckily, I was saved by the Nickelodeon Crew filming next to us who had a spare battery for my exact camera!), and we ruined her white Hermes Dress having her lay down on dirty lava rocks for a photo…But you will see, it was SO worth it!  We utilized EVERY inch of space at the Viceroy, even inside the women’s bathroom and the entrance to the kitchen…ANYTHING for the shot!  It was so much fun though and I have no idea how we are going to top this shoot next time:)

Betsy and Lawrence’s Dallas Wedding

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Not everyone is as lucky as Betsy and Lawrence to not only have a destination wedding, but then have a SECOND wedding a few weeks later!  The funny thing is that I am about to shoot their engagement photos in San Francisco this Friday and they are ALREADY married lol.  I can’t wait to  shoot Betsy and Lawrence and to be able to capture their second wedding in San Francisco at the The Westin St. Francis on Union Square.  I am also SO excited to be working with the fabulous Julie Nunn-Martin, with I DO Events,  for the second weekend in a row…And when Julie is involved, I know that it will be fabulous!   Here are just a few favorites from their Dallas Celebration and there will be more blog posts to come from their engagement shoot and then their San Francisco Wedding, so stay tuned!


Lisa Christensen’s (one of my brides-to-be) Venice Head Shot Shoot

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You may remember my recent blog post about Lisa and Ken’s engagement shoot down in San Diego.  We decided to do a head shot shoot for Lisa the next week, so I had to post a few.  The fabulous, Tara Dowburd-Luftman, provided the glowing make-up on Lisa and she looked amazing!  You all know how I LOVE to stay within a 50 yard radius of my apartment (kind of like someone else I know…ah-hem, Jason), so we rocked the back alley at Cielo and my personal favorite, under the Venice Pier….Gorgeous light!


Christine and Alex’s Engagement Shoot at UC Berkeley

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First of all, I have to thank Steph Billowitch (the younger sister of my girlfriend Kristin) for coming out and assisting me with this photo shoot.  I decided to take advantage of my trip up here to Northern California to shoot Christine and Alex’s engagement shoot in between my weddings this week. They wanted to have UC Berkeley as their backdrop for the shoot, where they met during college. Steph and I had SUCH a great time running around the UC Berkeley campus and test shooting each other (AND random students in the lawn:) while getting prepared for Christine and Alex’s arrival.  We got special permission to shoot in the Morrison Reading Room first and then we ended the shoot by wandering around through the Eucalyptus Grove and other gorgeous parts of the campus.  Seriously, If I had gone to school here I don’t think I would have EVER gone to class! It is SO beautiful and everyone was just outside lounging in the sun under Weeping Willow trees, reading, and listening to the church bells.  It was straight out of a storybook:)

The Photographers…Laura and Steph!!:)

Guadalupe Conde’s Quinceanera in Downtown Los Angeles

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As you all know, I teach Photojournalism on Tuesdays in an after school program at Gertz-Ressler High School for the Step Up Women’s Network.  Lupe, one of my girls, needed a photographer for her Quinceanera last week and since I was miraculously available on a Saturday, I decided to donate my services for a few hours.  I had never seen Lupe with make up on and posing for the camera without covering up her face…like this

So when I saw her without her glasses, and all dressed up and poised in church, I was very impressed.  I wanted to be able to see her alter ego and what her life outside of Step Up was like. She looked  all grown up on her big day and it made me very proud:)  Still the semi-serious, yet silly Lupe was in there and we had so much fun running around the park and climbing trees shooting. I especially LOVED the choreographed dances at her party.  It looked like it took a lot of time, practice and planning to pull off everything and it showed.  Thanks for sharing your day with me Lupe.  You are a strong, beautiful, powerful  woman…remember that!

To see the rest of the photos from this event, just click on this link

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